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The Operational Sectorial Program for Human Resource Development 2007 - 2013
1st Priority Axis: "Education and Professional Formation for Economic Growth and the Development of a Knolwdge Based Society"
Major intervention area 1.5 "Doctoral & Postdoctoral Programs"
      Burse postdoctorale BCM: Tematica
Postdoctoral research project topics.
The young Post Docs could propose, in consensus with the senior research supervisers of the Consortium, projects in the following research areas:
Dezvoltare medicamente antivirale fata de virusului hepatitei B si C - IB Nanostructuri pentru eliberare controlata de medicamente - INCD Laser Physics Sinteza dirijata si screeningul unor compusi cu activitate streso-protectoare - UB
Module 1: Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics si Bioinformatics:
1.1. Development of Bioinformatics Tools for genomics, proteomics, glicomics etc - IB
1.2. Molecular modelling of protein structure and interaction with ligands - IB
1.3. Genomics applications in organ and cellular transplant - Inst Fundeni
1.4. Desmoplastic reaction and pancreatic cancer progression - Inst Fundeni
1.5. Metabolomics and molecular markers for taxonomic recognition - USAMV Cluj
1.6. Molecular markers for food authentification - USAMV Cluj
1.7. Applied chemometry aplicata for food authentification - USAMV Cluj
1.8. The structure and function of cellular signalling enzymes - IB
Module 2: the Molecular Biology of the Cell:
2.1. The cellular homeostasis of proteins in normal and patological states - IB
2.2. Molecular mechanisms of ER stress and pancreatic beta cells - IB
2.3 Unfolded protein accumulation in cancer and hipoxia models - IB
2.4. The expression of glycosylation products receptors in inflamation and diabet - IB
2.5. The morfology and intracellular trafic of Hep B & C virus - IB
2.6. Mesenchimal Stem Cells and tumoral fibroblasts comparative studies - UMF Timisoara
2.7. Mesenchimal Stem Cell differentiation toward adipocytes - UMF Timisoara
2.8. The cellular response to abiotic stress in S.cerevisiae - UB
Module 3: Cellular Therapies:
3.1. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapies in hepatic diseases - Inst Fundeni
3.2. Clinical applications of the Cellular Therapies in hepatic diseases - Inst Fundeni
3.3. Mesenchimal Stem Cell Therapies in re-epithelization processes - UMF Timisoara
3.4. pancreatic beta cells in diabet and regenerative medicine - Inst Fundeni
3.4.1. Methods for improving pancreatic islands viability after isolation and transplant.
3.4.2. Biomarker based noninvasive methods for pancreatic islands measurement and their function assesment.
3.4.3. The engineering of a glucose-responsive insuline secretory cell-line for therapeutic application;
3.4.4. Exocytosis and fussion of secretory granulae with the cellmembrane in pancreatic beta cells lines - IB
3.5. Laser cell transfer for tissular engineering and organ reconstruction - INCD Laser Physics
Module 4: Biomaterials, nanostructures and pharmacophores:
4.1. Antiviral drug design for hep B and C viruses - IB
4.2. Nanostructures for controlled drug release - INCD Laser Physics
4.3. Directional synthesis and screening of stresso-protective compoundse - UB
4.4. Lasser applications in nanostructures for controlled drug administration, implants and tissue reconstruction - INCD Laser Physics
4.5. Biomaterial laser nanostructuring for pharmaceutical applications - INCD Laser Physics
4.6. Implant nanostructure biocompatibility si bioactivity - INCD Laser Physics